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Buying/Selling an Asset or Business

An IP due diligence review allows an acquirer or investor to detect potential deficiencies to title, litigation, and other liabilities that may affect the value of the target asset or company. Through a comprehensive legal audit process, we map out the life history of an IP asset and identify particular legal concerns.Mistakes abound in the business world of companies that have entered into money losing IP agreements or failed to properly identify the IP asset or control its use. Such mistakes usually originate with non-binding letters of intent which attempt to deal with main substantive issues but create problems later on in the negotiation of the definitive agreement. As IP advisors, familiar with IP in commercial transactions and their associated pitfalls, we can guide your company taking into consideration your company’s unique business arrangements.

If you have a business arrangement or confidential information and key issues are not covered in writing, you may not only have no clear agreement, but worse still the situation could cause you to lose your product, customers, revenues, business opportunities and even face a court action.

We prepare and draft in plain English all IP related agreements/contracts from confidentiality/non-disclosure, electronic commerce, sports and entertainment to technology transfer agreements. We provide comprehensive business documentation to secure, protect and maximize your legal rights, while reducing your exposure to liability.

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