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IP for Business

Since your IP has value, you can be sure there is someone out there ready to imitate or “improve upon it”. If you do not know what you own, someone else may be making money with your assets and reaping the profits. Or, it may be that you are violating another company’s rights. Title to a properly registered IP asset is an effective business strategy that creates a barrier to imitators in a competitive marketplace and increases your revenue stream through licensing.

IP is no longer simply a legal issue. It is about protecting your products and services, maintaining your competitiveness in the marketplace and increasing your company’s profitability. It is above all about a business strategy that must be understood and driven by a company’s management. It takes a well run business to manage and recognize these IP risks. Today, some of Canada’s and the world’s well known IP owners rely on us to handle their IP. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

IP for Business is also about the creation, preservation, acquisition, transfer and utilization of know-how that is used to provide your company with its competitive edge in the marketplace – new products, processes and services. It may be as simple as having an employee or a consultant leave your company without documenting the accumulated know-how that can be used by the company or having it disclosed to the competition.

Uncover your own IP assets and discover why they are not only important but also critical to your business:

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