Security For Your Business Assets

IP for Business is about protecting your company’s products, processes and services, maintaining your company’s competitiveness in the marketplace and increasing your company’s profitability. With a focus on preserving, transferring, securing and utilizing what is used to provide your company with its competitive edge, IP for Business is a smart business strategy that should wisely govern a company’s management plan.

This due diligence is the process by which the quality, validity, scope and status of any intellectual property rights can be determined in a commercial transaction. For instance, without conducting an IP due diligence review, it is not uncommon to find out after the purchase and sale of a business that the:

  • Domain name is in the name of an ex-employee
  • Business is being sued for trademark infringement for which the new owner is now responsible
  • Copyright, hence the ownership, in and to the purchased website belongs to someone else

IP for Business is a proactive and preventive approach to managing the IP risks and liabilities faced by every business.