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As copyright lawyers, we counsel on the establishment, protection and transferring of copyright. We advise artists, writers, prospective purchasers and publishers in particular on how to maximizing their investments and the impact of the digital era on their rights. Specifically, we also provide validity and infringement opinions.

We assist owners in protecting and maximizing their investments in a number of ways, for example:

  • drafting, negotiating, reviewing and advising on agreements covering preparation of contributions to works by independent contractors, exclusive and non-exclusive interests in copyrights;
  • investigating the existence or unauthorized commercial exploitation of copyright, rights of publicity and character merchandizing.

The wide scope of our copyright practice also allows us to implement surveillance and monitoring programmes of digital content on the Internet. Before a product launch, we review and counsel on advertising and marketing materials for possible copyright notice requirements. We ensure official registration of your copyright by filing applications in Canada and other countries. While copyright registration is not compulsory, it offers rebuttable evidence that the registered owner owns the copyright protected under the Copyright Act.

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