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Protecting Innovation And Revenue

As technology lawyers, we understand that today, a company’s most valuable assets is its IP. We also understand that what is in the box and how it works as well as the back end of a website can be of paramount importance. Our expertise ensures that we communicate as easily with the business manager as with the software programmer.

We advise businesses on IT contract protection for their hardware and software needs. We negotiate, draft and enforce:

  • Multimedia agreements
  • Hardware acquisition agreements
  • Technology escrow agreements
  • Software development contracts
  • Service level and maintenance agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreements

We can also assist with preparing Scientific Research and Experimental Development (“SR&ED”) applications, with respect to research and development funding for new technologies, and improvements to existing technologies.

Securing Your Online Business Assets

E-Commerce essentially refers to the Internet based industry of buying and selling, services via electronic means, and the provision of products and services over electronic systems. Using a mixed variety of combinations involving The Internet, computer networks and email or mobile phones, E-Commerce law represents:

  • Internet technology
  • Mobile commerce
  • Electronic funds transfers
  • Escrowing services
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management systems
  • Internet marketing
  • Data collection systems
  • Subscription sites
  • Mobile application sales
  • Electronic book purchases
  • Online auctions