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Protecting Your Original Product, Shapes And Packaging

An industrial design may consist of two-dimensional or three-dimensional features, a shape, a pattern, a line, a package, or a color, and can account for anything involving ornamental or aesthetic aspects of products, shapes and packaging. By protecting these ornate designs, creators can find security through their exclusive rights to do whatever they want with their original work.

Like registered trademarks, registered industrial designs are another form of an exclusive government granted monopoly. An industrial design (sometimes called a design patent) protects the original/unique visually appealing features of a product. It may be the visible appearance and shape of a product:

  • A car
  • The shape of a chair
  • A computer screen/computer

Industrial designs form part of the umbrella of creative rights known as intellectual property. As with a trademark or copyright, you can profit from your registered industrial design by having agreements to:

  • Use
  • Build
  • License
  • Sell