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Protecting Your Expressions, Music And Words

The main focus of copyrights is to protect expressive arts. It may not protect the idea but it can protect the way an idea is expressed. By protecting these works of authorship—such as writings, music and art—owners can find security through exclusive rights to do whatever they want with their original work (reproduce derivative work, perform, publish, use for public display, etc.).

Ownership of the idea expressed in some form allows the owner the exclusive right to:

  • Use or not
  • Copy
  • Publish
  • Translate
  • Convert
  • Adapt
  • Record
  • Broadcast
  • Reproduce
  • Allow or prevent others to do the same in Canada

The forms in which copyrights may exist include:

  • Literary
  • Dramatic
  • Musical score
  • Artistic work

As with a trademark or industrial design, copyrights form part of the umbrella of creative rights known as intellectual property.