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ABOUT BRANDS UNDER ATTACK examines how Canada’s accession to the Madrid Protocol will affect brand owners’ ability to obtain or keep their monopoly in the Canadian marketplace.

Madrid Protocol in Canada:

In our third and final commentary on the subject of Feuds over Family Name as a Brand, we revisit Miranda v. Miranda. Brand management like a good lawn requires constant maintenance.


Father and son battled over rights to the family name MIRANDA for their respective window and door installation businesses.

Where the family name is a business brand, its use in a trademark sense may form a basis to prevent competitors from using conflicting trademarks or trade names to try to benefit from the business’ reputation.

Lessons Learned

In the Miranda case, the son was able to retain his rights to the trademark MIRANDA. In addition to using MIRANDA in a trademark sense, the son had also secured a federal trademark registration for it. Furthermore, the son obtained a transfer of another family member’s MIRANDA trademark and trade name rights, thereby consolidating those rights for his own business.

Fighting related family members is not the only feud the family name brands must face. The MIRANDA mark, like any family name brand still faces challenges in 2020 from other companies in the home renovation business. A suivre.

This case illustrates a key business strategy which brand owners must keep in mind in case of brand warfare: When it comes to family names as brands in Canada, from McDonald’s to Birkenstock, there is no room for multiple family branch usage. To remain unique, the family brand must be consolidated with one owner.

In addition to using the brand in a trademark sense, it is also important to take the appropriate legal steps at the appropriate time to confirm and preserve those rights in the brand owner’s name.

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