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Do I own copyright?

Copyright protects creative works, including original books and literature, movies, music, and art. Generally, “if you made it”, you own the copyright.

Additionally, if you write an article or are paid to design a website for another person or company, you, as the author, own the copyright unless there is a specific transfer agreement in writing. However, if you did so as an employee, the copyright may belong to your employer unless your employment contract says otherwise. Further, if you order/commission and pay for an engraving, photograph or portrait, then you own the copyright to it.

Your copyright has value and can be bought and sold like any product (it is preferred that the transfer be in writing). As such, having a copyright lawyer on your side can help you maximize the value of your creative works.

As copyright lawyers serving clients in Ottawa, Toronto/GTA, across Canada and overseas, we can help in the following ways:

  • Arrange to obtain a copyright registration;
  • Draft licensing agreements, permitting others to use your work for a certain fee;
  • Issue cease-and-desist letters;
  • Respond to cease-and-desist letters;
  • Initiate or defend against claims of copyright infringement.