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Industrial Design Expertise

Industrial design law is a small category of the law, where the expertise of an industrial design lawyer is highly recommended.

In medicine, all doctors are technically qualified to help you. However, when you have a specific problem, you want and need to see a specialist. The same principle is applicable with industrial design issues. In law, all lawyers went to law school to learn the law generally. However, industrial design law is a sub-category of intellectual property law. In fact, intellectual property is in itself is a sub-category of the law. Therefore, not all lawyers know the ins and outs of industrial design law, and how to protect your brand designs and your legal rights.

You want and need to entrust your most valuable assets to a Canadian industrial design lawyer with the expertise and experience to efficiently provide you with solutions. For almost twenty-five years, our industrial design lawyers in Ottawa and Toronto have assisted clients with their industrial design needs, from obtaining an industrial design registration, issuing and responding to cease and desist letters, drafting licensing agreements, litigating/defending industrial design infringement cases before all levels of court, and overall assisting with industrial designs associated with their brand protection.

From representing small local businesses to Juno Award winners, we’ve represented them all. To learn more about how our lawyers can work for you, get in touch.