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What if I do not intend to sell my asset or business?

You should consider an intellectual property audit. An intellectual property audit is a practical and economical long-term solution that allows your company to leverage and manage its creative assets for competitive intelligence and defensive product development. It allows you to detect any defects in your intellectual property rights that may affect the value of your business. Also, it is an early warning system for reducing the high cost of litigation. It is a proactive and preventive approach to managing the intellectual property risks and liabilities faced by every business.

You can choose between three types of examination: Basic, InDepth & RoadMap.

A basic examination provides you with a review and assessment of whether there is a clear, valid title to the intellectual property asset before you buy or try and sell it.

An In Depth examination looks at the substantive legal issues that may be raised, provides an action plan and the implementation of the action plan to resolve any problems.

A RoadMap examines your business, your business projections and prepares an analysis of potential intellectual property roadblocks to your business strategy and product development.

Contact our business and intellectual property lawyers located in Ottawa and Toronto to discuss which intellectual property audit is right for your business.