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Why Obtain a Canadian Trademark Registration?

A trademark speaks to your brand, or how your business is identified by the public. If you value your business, product or service name, you are probably making a serious business mistake if you are using it without a trademark registration. Every company in Canada, or that does business here, with a name, product name, service name, slogan or logo has one or more trademarks.

A trademark is not just an identifier; it is also your seal of quality as seen by your customers. Therefore, if you have a business or corporate name, according to Industry Canada/Corporations Canada, “Registration of a trademark is the best way to obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark in all of Canada in association with the products and services for which the registration is obtained”. A certificate of registration is to a trademark what a deed is to a house.

A registered trademark gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark in association with certain goods or services for a period of 10-15 years (subject to renewal) throughout Canada. It also prevents others from importing or selling in Canada any goods or services bearing your trademark. A trademark registration in Canada does not extend to foreign countries. There is no universal or worldwide trademark. You must apply separately in and for other countries. Also, foreign trademark registrations do not protect a trademark in Canada. For some of our international trademark filing services, see here for more information on how our intellectual property law firm can assist.

Lastly, research has shown that ownership of registered intellectual property, such as the registration of a trademark, significantly increases the market value of a company.

Our trademark law firm routinely assists with trademark applications in Ottawa, Toronto/GTA, Canada and abroad. If you would like a free consultation, or are interested in receiving a no obligation, fixed fee quote, click here to get in touch.